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Flexo Printting Die-cutting Machine

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Model No.: XT-K Place of Origin: China












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I. Characteristics of the whole machine:
1. The whole machine electrical appliances and computer software are all choiced internationally famous brand, Schneider, Omron, Siemens and the quality is stable and reliable . Adopt man-machine interface, computer order management, easy to operate, change the order more.
2. The whole machine wall and important parts are used by aging treatment, tempering to eliminate metal internal force; using high-precision process center, grinded by digit-controlled grinder. 
3. The whole machine axle and roller are made of high-quality steel, tempered, grinded and  high precision electricity balance correction, plated with rigid chorme on the surface.
4. The whole machine transmission gear is made of 20CrMnTi high-quality alloy-steel, carburized and grinded. Ensure long-term use of color registration accuracy.
5. The transmission parts of the whole machine (connected with the axle and gear), whitch adopts the hand-free connecting ring to eliminate the interval, being suitable for long-term high–speed operation with large torque.
6. The transmission bearing of the whole machine, the main transmission parts are all made of three famous domestic brands: "Havalo", and the key parts are made of the Japanese "NSK" brand, which is easy to maintain and has a longer service life.
7. The whole machine undergoes the spray lubtication, setting the double oil pipe balance system.
8. The whole machine ajustment adopts presetting fuction, feeding, printing, die cutting, automatic zero setting and memory automatic reposition.
9. The working interval adjustment of the whole machine adopts the quick adjustment free spanner, and the adjustment is fast and convenient.
10. The main motor adopts frequency conversion control, which can start and run more smoothly and save more energy.


II.Main Technical Parameter:



Style 1200×2400

Inboard width size


Max paper size


Max printing size


Skip feeding size


Min finish size


Thickness of printing plate





Printing precision

3 color ±0.5

Slotting precision


Max slotting depth


Min slotting interval

Close wise:



III. Feeder unit 



1. Mechanical leading edge
〖1〗Suction secondary paper feeding an adjustment the air volume according to the different conditions of cardboard bent, ensure smooth paper feeding.
〖2〗Up and down cardboard was used cylinder promote, which was rapid and save effort.
〖3〗Side board and back board position adjustment by electric, and front board gap adjustment by electric.
〖4〗Skip feeding position ( Depend on require and choice the continue or skip feeding )
〖5〗Counter for cardboard, show the production quantity.

2. Dustbuster System
〖1〗Brush Dustbuster device , it have a brush in the front of skip feeding , it can clearance a lot of the dust on the cardboard , it can improve the quality for printing.

3. Feeding roller
〖1〗External dia.: Φ 86㎜
〖2〗Solid steel: wrapped by wearable rubber and balance corrected
〖3〗Down feed roller: Φ 156 ㎜. Hard Chrome plated and embossed
〖4〗Dial between the feed rolls: manually adjusted; clearance arrange: 1.5~12㎜

4. Automatic Return To Zero
〖1〗Paper feeders, printers and notches: can electrically and automatically return to zero position.
〖2〗Automatically return to zero for general paper box and can move to correct position after two pieces of trial printing to reduce waste.

5.Machine clutch:
〖1〗The electric control machine clutch is equipped with an alarm bell, and the bell continues to warn during travel to ensure the safety of the operators.
〖2〗Pneumatic interlocking device, locking firmly, convenient and accurate.
〖3〗The main motor adopts frequency conversion motor, frequency conversion controller, energy saving, stable start, and motor start protection device.
〖4〗Self-locking function of the main engine: when the unit is not completely locked, the main engine cannot be started to ensure the safety of the machine and the operator; when the main engine is working normally, the clutch function of the unit is automatically locked to avoid machine damage and personnel hurt caused by misoperation Injuried.

6.The beating device
This machine is equipped with a pneumatic beating device, which makes the horizontal positioning of the cardboard more accurate and avoids waste. (Computer-controlled shooting time)


IV.  Printing unit



1. Printing roller (printing plate roller)
〖1〗External dia(Inluder printing plate).: Φ 420㎜ 
〖2〗Steel tube face: abraded and hard Chrome plated
〖3〗Balance corrected and stable in operation 
〖4〗Print-rolling shaft: in the style of fixed ratchet wheel
〖5〗Hanging slot for the whole +half printing fit for 10㎜×3㎜ bar
〖6〗Loading and unloading printing plate: electrically controlled for bi-directions turn and foot-switched

2. Printing pressure roller
〖1〗External dia.: Φ176㎜.
〖2〗Steel tube face: Abraded and hard Chrome plated, steel roller thickness 22㎜.
〖3〗Balance corrected and stable in operation.
〖4〗Dial between the feed rolls: manually adjusted, clearance arrange:0~12㎜.

3. Upper and down rollers
〖1〗Upper roller: External dia.: Φ 86㎜, thickness 18mm, Solid steel: 3 feeding rings accompanied
〖2〗Down roller: External dia.: Φ 124㎜, thickness 18mm, Steel tube (Solid steel) face: abraded and hard Chrome plated.
〖3〗Dial between the feed rolls: manually adjusted, Clearance arrange: 0~12㎜.

4. Steel anilox roller
〖1〗External dia.:Φ 212㎜. 
〖2〗Steel tube face, Netted suppressed. Abraded and hard Chrome plated.
〖3〗Balance corrected and stable in operation.
〖4〗Each mesh: Printing unit with 200, 220,250 option.
〖5〗Auto air-pressured lifting devices accompanied with paper feeding system (The net roller goes down to contact with the printing plate during paper feeding, and during feeding stopped, it goes up apart from the printing plate.)
〖6〗With V-Shaped Overrunning clutch: to make ink distribution and clear ink more convenient.

5. Rubber Roller
〖1〗External dia.: Φ 195㎜. 
〖2〗Steel surface coating wear rubber wrapped and do balance correction.
〖3〗High special rubber grinding, good ink transfer effect.

6. Phase-Adjusting Mechanism
〖1〗Structured in planet-gears.
〖2〗Printing-phase: adjusted with 360° for operating, pausing
〖3〗Horizontal distance: adjusted with NC, Adjustment distance total 14㎜

7. Water-And-Ink Circulation Mechanism
〖1〗Pneumatic diaphragm pump: stable in conveying ink and handy in operation and maintenance
〖2〗Printing ink filtrating net: to filtrate impurity
〖3〗Plastic ink slot

8. Printing-Phase Fixing Mechanism
〖1〗Cylinder braking mechanism
〖2〗Braking mechanism: controls the turning of machine to keep stable of the wheel position when the machine is disassembled or the phase is adjusted.

V. Die-cutter unit



1. Die roller (lower roller)
〖1〗Outer diameter is Φ371.2㎜ 
〖2〗Made of cast steel, the surface is ground and plated with hard chrome.
〖3〗Computer dynamic balance correction, increase operation stability.
〖4〗Cutting die 100㎜ × 100㎜ fixed screw hole spacing.
〖5〗Applicable to die height of  25.4㎜.
〖6〗Thickness of wood template: 16 ~ 18 ㎜ (three floors board with) 13 ~ 15 ㎜ (five floors board with).


2. Rubber pad roller (upper roller)
〖1〗Outer diameter is Φ 388.9㎜ 
〖2〗Made of cast steel, the surface is ground and plated with hard chrome.
〖3〗Computer dynamic balance correction, increase operation stability.
〖4〗Adjust manually the gap with the die rollers.
〖5〗The thickness of the rubber pad is 8㎜, and the width is 250㎜.

3. Traverse and repair device:
〖1〗Mechanical horizontal 40mm, swimming device, die-cutting uniform weighing instrument automatically compensates the linear speed, which can make the die-cutting rubber pad wear evenly and prolong the service life.
〖2〗The repair adopts an electric repair device to improve the reuse rate of the rubber pad, which can be repaired 3-4 times.
〖3〗Pneumatic automatic separation device for die-cutting rollers, reducing the wear of rubber pads, thereby improving service life.

4. Electric plate registration device
The plate roller (lower roller) can be moved laterally ±10mm electrically from left to right. For uneven die-cutting of the edge of the cardboard, electric adjustment can be used to achieve uniform die-cutting edge material, which is convenient and quick to adjust.


VI. Stripper and stacker(Lift hydraulic control)



1. Pick-up Arm

〖1〗The front paper pick-up platform adopts a pneumatic lifting structure, which is convenient for operation and hygienic cleaning.

〖2〗The drive belt of the pick-up arm can adjust the tightness separately, which is easy to maintain and improves the service life of the conveyor belt.

〖3〗It is equipped with a pressing steel bar, and the position and angle of the pressing paper are adjustable, which can make the cardboard fall smoothly.


2. Vibration stacker

〖1〗It is suitable for scrap cleaning after the processing of circular die-cutting cardboard, which effectively reduces the waste of human resources in the previous manual waste cleaning, resulting in higher processing efficiency and better process of carton boxes.

〖2〗The lateral output is a special configuration for the stripper designed to reduce the waste of time and manpower caused by cleaning scrap. This configuration greatly saves time and labor for cleaning scrap and working area hygiene. It has reached the standards of time saving, labor saving and hygiene.

〖3〗Double vibration structure, independent motor drive (not using the same motor as the conveying motor, but a separate motor for independent control), through different vibration frequencies can achieve better stripper effect.

〖4〗A height-adjustable brush is installed at the exit of the stripper, and the remaining waste paper can be brushed to achieve the best effect.

〖5〗The vibration belt adopts imported cylindrical high-elastic belt, which is not easy to age and break, and will not damage the cardboard under high-speed vibration.

〖6〗The belt slot of the vibrating belt axle is semi-circular, and the position of the vibrating belt can be flexibly adjusted to meet the production needs of various special-shaped cardboards.

〖7〗The bottom of the stripper is equipped with a waste discharge belt to output the waste.

〖8〗The height of the exit of the stripper is higher than that of the conveying table behind, and is equipped with a pressing steel bar, which can make the cardboard fall smoothly.


3. Bed Hydraulic Lifting System

〖1〗The back-end paper pick-up platform adopts hydraulic lifting structure, which is stable, safe and reliable.

〖2〗The cardboard stacking process is automatically controlled by a microcomputer controller. According to the operator's operating habits, there are two working modes, automatic and manual.

〖3〗The pawl safety anti-fall device can keep the bed in a fixed position and will not slide down, so that the bed can be lifted and lowered under control to ensure the safety of the operators.

〖4〗The photoelectric protection descending device can ensure the safety of the operators even if the operators make mistakes.

〖5〗The conveyor belt adopts high-grade corrugated conveyor belt, which has large frictional resistance and can ensure the smooth transportation of paper.

〖6〗The stacking height can reach 1.6-1.7 meters.


4. Paper stopper

〖1〗The paper pick-up process is automatically controlled by the microcomputer controller. According to the operator's operating habits, there are two working modes, automatic and manual.

〖2〗The paper pick-up baffle is pneumatically controlled, and it opens and closes quickly. When the cardboard is piled up to a predetermined height, the pick-up plate automatically extends to hold the cardboard.

〖3〗The rear baffle can be adjusted manually according to the width of the cardboard, and is equipped with a locking mechanism.


Main parts list








Frequency converter





Check components





Electrical components















Touch screen










Main moter










Gear reducer





Ink distribution motor





Seperating and combining motor





Printing roller



45# steel coiled and welded.


Steel Anilox Roller





Glue roller





Underprint roller





Die-cutting roller










Transmission gear


45# seamless steel pipe



Transmission gear


Precision cast steel



Pneumatic Components





Pneumatic single-phase diaphragm pump





keyless connection ring





Overrunning clutch





Anvil cover






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